How to Earn 5$+ Daily Just by Viewing Links

How to Earn 5$+ Daily Just by Viewing Links


Hello everyone, my name is Hamza I will tell you how you can earn 5$ per day just by visiting the link you will need your mobile for this you will have to work hard and sit all day visiting the link. You can withdraw money daily; you can also withdraw money after a week. Let’s get started.

First Step:

Go to This Link Below and Create a Account with your Original Details

You Will see a Dashboard After Signing Up Like this Below Image

Step 2 :

After Completing Signing Up and Creating Account Now Complete Your Profile with your Original Details and also add payment details from which you want to receive payment as you can see in Below Image

Step 3:

Now go to this Link Below to Create an Account of VPN with your Original Email

Step 4:

After Creating Account of VPN Now you have to Verify Your Email address to get More Data to Use free VPN (Note: this VPN is Paid to use this You have to Create account and verify email address) as you can see screenshot below.

Step 5:

After Complete Above all Steps now You need to Short a Link on First Website where You created Account and Added You Details to Create a short link Click on the Dashboard and then Click on New Link Short

Note : You Can only Short a Normal Website Link to Earn Money (, and is not Allowed to Short So Keep in Mind

Step 6:

After Shortening Link Now Go to your VPN and Click to Connect i prefer to Use USA location because it’s CPM is High Screenshot added Below:

Step 7:

Now You have connected VPN and a Shorten Link Now go to Chrome Browser and create a Incognito Tab and Paste Your URL and Visit Complete Link

Step 8:

After Completely Visiting Link Return to Your Link shortener Dashboard and You will see Earning and Views as You can see in Screenshot below


When your account reaches the minimum amount 5$ or more, you may request your earnings by clicking the withdraw button. The payment is then sent to your withdraw account during business days no longer than 4 days after requesting.

If You Have Any Questions, Problems, Issues or anything Else Do not Hesitate to Reach Me You Can Use Contact Form on this Website also Here is My Business Email:


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